Terms and Conditions of Use
Welcome to Backhandsmash. By clicking the “accept” button (if available) or using the Service, you hereby confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms of use.

Introduction & Overview

MATCHi AB provides Backhandsmash, a digital platform which is a complete Competition tool for mainly racket sports allowing clubs or venues to organise and administer Competitions in an easy, structured and effective way and for Players to take part in the Competition, interact with other Players and follow and report standings and results, among other things and use any related services offered via their Backhandsmash Account.
Below you will find some examples of features and information that become available when you register a Backhandsmash Account:
  • create a profile and provide information, manage your account
  • see schedules, matches you will play and who you will compete against
  • access contact information to other Players on your team and in the same Competition (group/series/league/division)
  • make changes to booked sessions and arrange to swap sessions with other Players
  • follow your own and your competitors standings and result
    report your own standing r results
  • receive reminders before matches via e-mail
  • access statistics
  • synchronise your calendar (for example Outlook, Google, Apple)
  • connect Backhandsmash to your MATCHi mobile app account for increased functionality and or flexibility
  • any other optional function/feature/service offered from time to time.
To register and manage your Backhandsmash Account and use the Service, we process your personal data and you can read more about this in our Privacy Policy. Do note that some of the above Competition information will also be available to a wider audience via for example the Backhandsmash website or displayed on screens at a venue.
Below on the following pages you will find our Terms and Conditions of Use in their full and detailed version. Some of the information is included due to legal requirements and might feel a bit lengthy or cumbersome – but do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. You can contact us at support@matchi.com. We hope you will enjoy our Service and wish you the best of luck with your game.
1 General
1.1 MATCHi AB, org.no. 556871-6129, a Swedish limited liability company with address Gullbergs Strandgata 15, 411 04 Göteborg, SWEDEN (the “Supplier”, “we”, “our” or “us”) provide Backhandsmash which is a complete Competition tool for racket sports allowing clubs or venues to organise and administer matches in an easy, structured and effective way and allowing them to invite Players to take part in Competitions among other things and use any related services offered via the Backhandsmash Account (collectively the “Service” or “Backhandsmash”).
1.2 The main features of the Service are described above in the introduction of these Terms and these Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms”) regulate your (“you”, the “user” or the “Players”) use of the Service including when you register or log in to your Backhandsmash Account and use the Service and all functions, features or content offered or made available.
1.3 In order to accept these Terms and use the Service you must acknowledge that you have the necessary legal competence, e.g. that you are of legal age. If you do not have such necessary legal competence, you confirm that you have received your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to use the Service and that your parent or legal guardian hereby agrees to these Terms on your behalf.
1.4 By accepting these Terms, you undertake to comply with them for the use of the Service. Accepting the Terms means that you confirm that you have understood the Terms, that you undertake to comply with the Terms and that the information you provide in the Service is correct, honest and up-to-date.
1.5 If you act on behalf of a legal entity, you accept the Terms both in your own right and on behalf of such legal entity and guarantee that you are authorised to accept the Terms on behalf of the legal entity.
1.6 You may find links to external websites within the Service. One example could be a venue’s own website(s). Such links might be provided for convenience, for informational purposes, or for legal purposes. You should be aware that if you follow such links then you are leaving Backhandsmash and, as we do not have control over such websites, we encourage you to exercise caution and consider reading available privacy information on such a site.
1.7 It is important for us to comply with applicable laws. These Terms will apply to the maximum extent allowed by national mandatory law in the user’s country of residence where we market the Service.
2 About the Backhandsmash Account
2.1 When you register a Backhandsmash Account, you can make use of several features and information as you can read about above in the introduction to these Terms. Our Service is built around Competitions for racket sports to facilitate for organisers as well as participants in the Competition. When you use the Service you will be able to enter information about yourself as well as access information about other participants and those participants will also be able to access information about you. Your contact info will be visible to other Players in the same Competition as yourself. Some Competition information (Players names, results, ranking etc) will also be presented on our website, screens at a venue or other appropriate places. You are generally required to use your actual name when using the Service and your name will be visible to others. This is partly because Competitions take place in real life and your team members or competitors have a legitimate interest in knowing who they will be meeting. If you want more details, we suggest you read our Privacy Policy.
2.2 In these terms a venu, competition organiser or similar refers to an entity with which we have entered into a separate agreement with, to provide them with the opportunity to use the Service to organise and administer Competitions. A venue is usually an entity with one or more facilities to provide courts to play racket sports or possibly a club or other entity which organises Competitions, sometimes even in other sports.
2.3 A user refers to any natural person or company who has created a Backhandsmash Account and accepted these Terms to use the Service. The user is often a racket sports player and has often received an invite from a venue to create an account.
2.4 The registration of a Backhandsmash Account is free of charge and we will not charge you for using it or any of its features. Taking part in Competitions may come with fees and charges, terms and conditions but these are unrelated to the Service and we do not organise Competitions and do not take any responsibility for the Competitions as such or the goods and services offered by venues or their facilities.
2.5 It is recommended to only have one (1) account per user and you undertake to ensure that no one but you can use your login credentials. You shall not reveal the password to any unauthorised person and shall ensure that any documents revealing your password are stored in a way that prevents unauthorised access to the information. You must immediately change the password or notify us if you suspect that your login credentials have been compromised. You can also link your Backhandsmash Account to your MATCHi account if you are a user of the MATCHi mobile app.
2.6 You can delete your Backhandsmash Account at any time by emailing your request to us.
2.7 If you enter any information, such as results for example, it will generally be available for as long as your account or the venue organising the Competitions account is available or the venue removes the information, but we do not guarantee it will be available for a specific time and we will not be held liable for any loss of such content which we may choose to delete from the Service at our discretion.
3 User Requirements and Use of the Service
3.1 Subject to these Terms, we grant the user a right to use the Service on a device owned or controlled by the user.
3.2 The user is responsible for not using the Service in any way that is illegal or causes damage or inconvenience to others. We comply with Swedish law. We are not obliged to pre-screen or moderate any content, however we reserve the right to remove any content or similar that we deem inappropriate or illegal. If we suspect that the user’s account or login information is misused or if the usage otherwise violates the Terms, we also have the right to restrict, suspend or terminate the user account. We have the right to, irrespective of the reason, assign the user with new login details.
3.3 In the event that it is revealed that any use of the Service by the user is in breach of these Terms, the user shall reimburse us for all reasonable costs and expenses related to such use.
3.4 You may only use contact information visible in the Service to contact another Player in order to schedule, re-schedule or make arrangements regarding matches you have in common with each other within the Service and not for any other reason and all communication must be measured and appropriate and you may not contact a larger group of Players as all such communication shall be initiated by the organiser of the Competition. You may only use the Services in a manner consistent with its intended purpose.
3.5 We reserve the right to add or remove offerings and make it available with or without a charge or a fee. If an offering within the Service incurs a fee, it will always be clearly stated and evident to the user. Today, all use of the Service is free of charge.
3.6 In case of restriction, suspension or termination of accounts, we always inform the User. No automatic decisions are made but a measured and considered approach striving for objectiveness and proportionality is applied. Any complaints may be directed via our single point of contact, the Players Help Center.
4 Modifications and Updates
4.1 We will provide the version of the Service that is the most recent one available at the time of the conclusion of these Terms.
4.2 In addition to modifications aimed at maintaining conformity, we will under certain conditions modify the features of the Service, provided that we have a valid reason for such modification and if it is without cost for you. We have a valid reason to make changes where modification is necessary in order to adapt the Service to a new technical environment or an increased number of users, if we have other important operational reasons, if we want to develop or add any type of features or contents or if we want to improve the user-experience. We will inform you of any changes in accordance with mandatory regulations.
5 Maintenance and Support
5.1 Although it is our ambition, we cannot guarantee that the Service is provided without technical disruptions. We may therefore have to restrict the access thereto due to for example service, support, safety or technical reasons.
5.2 If there is any problem with the Service you shall, to the extent that can be considered reasonable, work together with us to determine if it is the user’s hardware, software or network connection that causes problems. If not, we may not be able to help you with the problem.
5.3 If there is any problem with the Service or the Website or if you are dissatisfied in any way, we should be contacted as soon as possible. Our contact information is available below.. We will do our best to try and find a solution to the problem as soon as possible.
5.4 You are fully responsible for protecting your technical equipment against unauthorised use, including using appropriate anti-virus software and firewall.
6 Intellectual Property Rights
6.1 Backhandsmash and all intellectual property rights associated therewith are, and will at all times remain, the sole and exclusive property of the Supplier. The User has no right, title or interest in or to Backhandsmash or the intellectual property associated therewith, except as expressly set forth in these Terms.
6.2 Content in the Service may not be used to a greater extent than is necessary for the User in order to use Backhandsmash under these Terms and in the intended manner.
6.3 You warrant that if you as a User upload anything to Backhandsmash, such as profile pictures or other information, you have the right to use such information and that it does not infringe any third party rights.
7 Personal Data
7.1 We are the controller for the processing of your personal data relating to your use of the Service. We process your personal data mainly to administrate your Backhandsmash Account and to provide the Service. Information regarding our processing of personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.
7.2 When processing personal data generated by or from a venue, the venue is the controller of the personal data and we or our parent company, process this personal data on behalf of the controller under a data processing agreement. Information about our respective responsibilities in relation to this can be found in our Privacy Policy and to the extent the venue is the controller, in the venues equivalent document. The venues might also inform you of this separately.
8 Right of Withdrawal
8.1 According to mandatory EU consumer protection legislation, if you as a user are a consumer, you have the right to withdraw from your agreement with us within fourteen (14) days from the day you downloaded and accepted these Terms. Since the Service is free to use, if you choose to exercise this right, we recommend that you do so by contacting us on the contact details specified in the Contact Information section below or use the Swedish Consumer Agency’s standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal which you can find here.
8.2 You can always stop using Backhandsmash even if the above-mentioned 14-day period has passed. If you have any questions or wish to withdraw from your agreement with us, you can always contact us on the contact details specified in the section Contact Information below.
9 Complaints
9.1 If there is something wrong concerning your use of the Service, you have the right to make a complaint during the time these Terms apply and up to two months from the time of termination of these Terms. In the event of a successful complaint you have a right to compensation and amendment in accordance with mandatory law.
9.2 Our liability is as limited as permitted by applicable law, and only if you are a consumer also by mandatory consumer protection law in your country of residence where we market the Service.
10 Term, Termination and Changes
10.1 These Terms will enter into force when you use Backhandsmash for the first time and will remain in force until you close your account.
10.2 You always have the right to, at any given time, stop using Backhandsmash.
10.3 We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to these Terms. The latest updated version of the Terms is posted on the Website or within the Service. Changes will become valid once you have accepted the Terms (when you use Backhandsmash), or thirty (30) days after we have informed you of the changes. You are entitled to stop using Backhandsmash when you become aware of such changes.
10.4 We have the right to assign any part of our rights and obligations under the agreement between the Supplier and the User without the User’s prior consent.
11 Contact Information
11.1 If you have questions or want to file a complaint, you can contact us at our email address support@matchi.com or send a traditional letter to our postal address: Gullbergs Strandgata 15, 411 04 Göteborg, Sweden. You can also contact us via our single point of contact, the Players Help Center.
12 Governing Law and Disputes
12.1 Any dispute, controversy or claim regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Swedish law and settled by public court in Sweden.
12.2 In the event of a dispute, we follow decisions from alternative dispute resolution bodies. You can contact The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN), either on their website or by sending a letter to Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.
12.3 In some cases you, as a consumer, can also complain via EU’s web-based dispute resolution platform, which you can access here.
12.4 You may always lodge a complaint directly with us within 6 months of receiving a decision impacting your MATCHi account and/or the access or visibility of any content due to alleged illegality or incompatibility with these terms.
These Terms of Use was adopted in June 2023 and the last revision took place 30 of May 2024